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Our statutory consultation runs from Wednesday 10 April to Tuesday 18 June (11:59pm). 

On this page you can view all our statutory consultation documents. This includes our 2024 Project Background Document, Preliminary Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) and Non-technical Summary of the PEIR (NTS of the PEIR), as well as our 2024 Design Development Report and 2024 Strategic Options Backcheck and Review which provides an overview of the appraisal approach we have used to date to consider strategic options for Norwich to Tilbury.

Our first non-statutory consultation finished in June 2022 and our second non-statutory consultation finished in August 2023, but you can continue to view our consultation documents and materials, as well as interim materials, below.

Project documents and maps

Description of 2024 consultation documents
Project Background Document 2024Provides an overview of the project, detailing our proposals and how we are consulting.
Strategic Options Backcheck and Review 2024This summarises the method we’ve been using to evaluate our strategic choices. We regularly review and backcheck these methods as we continue to assess and make decisions about our strategic options.
Maps of our proposals 2024Showing the proposed route of our project. 
Design Development Report 2024An in-depth technical document detailing the work we have undertaken to date, focusing on the work since previous consultations.
2023 Non-statutory consultation Feedback ReportSummarises the feedback we received during the 2023 consultation and how it has been considered.
Community Newsletter April 2024An update on the progress of the project.
Consultation Feedback Form 2024To gather consultation comments and feedback.
Preliminary Environmental Information report non-technical summaryThis document is the Non-Technical Summary of the Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR). The PEIR provides the preliminary findings of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process.
Preliminary Environmental Information report This document presents the preliminary findings of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process for the Norwich – Tilbury project.
Statement of community consultationSets out our proposed approach to consultation for the Norwich – Tilbury project.

Interactive map

We've produced an updated interactive map to support our 2024 public consultation to make it easier to identify where you are in relation to our proposals. 

View the interactive map of our proposals

Using this interactive map, you can:

View our preferred draft alignment detailing our proposed new 400 kV overhead line between the existing Norwich Main substation in Norfolk to the existing substation at Bramford, and from Bramford to the existing Tilbury substation in Essex.

As our proposals relate to the reinforcement of the 400 kV network in East Anglia, this map only illustrates the existing 275 kV and 400kV network along with related substations. 

Project Overview Webinar One

A recording of the first webinar of our statutory consultation, held on Wednesday 17 April 2024.