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From AI to exceptional engineering, discover the latest developments shaping the future of energy. 

National Grid Ventures' IFA2 interconnector flowing at full capacity

IFA2: low-carbon electricity now flowing through second UK-France interconnector

After almost three years of construction – and despite coronavirus pandemic restrictions – low-carbon electricity has now started flowing at full capacity through IFA2. Our second electricity interconnector linking the UK and France takes us a step further on the journey to net zero.

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National Grid celebrating This is Engineering 2020

Six engineering feats that changed the world

Engineers transform ideas into reality. They’ve shaped our past and present and will design how our future works and looks. Here some of National Grid’s senior leadership team choose the engineering innovations they believe have had a positive impact on our world to date and explain why.

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National Grid Partners innovation story

Innovation is embedded in everything we do

How National Grid Partners is bringing an entrepreneurial mindset on board.

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Net Zero know-how: Testing the future of energy

From a dramatically reduced carbon footprint concrete to renewable heat pump networks, our Innovation team is focusing its academic skills, engineering experience and problem-solving curiosity on building a clean energy future for us all.

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Connecting electricity systems for a greener Britain

National Grid’s Nick Sides explains how the company’s interconnectors – undersea cables that allow us to exchange energy with neighbouring countries – are contributing to creating a greener Britain.

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Cart in the distance inside new Humber pipeline tunnel

Pipe dreams achieved at record-breaking tunnel task

Building a new gas pipeline under the River Humber has been no small task, involving 5km of pipes and 16 Olympic swimming pools’ worth of water. Now close to completion, the team has just finished another vital stage, breaking a world record on the way.

Energy explained

Ever wondered what net zero means? Want to know how windfarms make energy? Or how electricity and gas gets to you? Here we answer all your energy questions.

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