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First T-Pylon at National Grid's Hinkley Connection project in Somerset

Construction of world’s first T-pylon completed

Last week saw an exciting moment with our construction of the world’s first T-pylon in Somerset; part of our Hinkley Connection project, connecting six million homes and businesses to low-carbon energy. Zac Richardson tells us about his recent visit to the site and shares more about how we’re innovating for a net zero transmission system.

The first T-pylon

Why electricity interconnection between Europe and the UK matters

To achieve a cleaner energy future, the EU and the UK need to work closely together on the energy transition. We share similar strategic climate targets and our markets have been built together for decades as part of the Internal Energy Market.

A connected future

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For National Grid article '32.5 km tunnelling project under London begins'

32.5 km tunnelling project under London begins

National Grid is due to start tunnelling for its £1 billion flagship project to rewire South London – vital works for London’s electricity supply that will allow us to keep the lights on well into the future.

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Why interconnectors play an essential role in our net zero future

Interconnectors are high-voltage under-sea cables. They’re the international clean energy super-highways; crossing borders to enable energy produced from renewables to flow back and forth between GB and neighbouring countries.

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Net Zero know-how: Charging EVs on the move could end range anxiety

Dynamic charging could be the future for emissions-free driving. Innovation Engineer Mingyu Sun leads a pioneering project in our Innovation team, exploring the potential to charge EVs as they drive by installing electric layers beneath our road systems.

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Six engineering feats that changed the world

Engineers transform ideas into reality. They’ve shaped our past and present and will design how our future works and looks.

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Interconnector myth buster

We looked at the questions you wanted answered about interconnectors and asked our experts to bust the most common myths about these giant undersea electricity cables.

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National Grid Partners innovation story

Innovation is embedded in everything we do

How National Grid Partners is bringing an entrepreneurial mindset on board.

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Net Zero know-how: Testing the future of energy

From a dramatically reduced carbon footprint concrete to renewable heat pump networks, our Innovation team is focusing its academic skills, engineering experience and problem-solving curiosity on building a clean energy future for us all.

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National Grid's This is Engineering article 'Why there's never been a more exciting time to be an engineer'

Why there’s never been a more exciting time to be an engineer

Here David Wright, Director of Electricity Transmission and Chief Electricity Engineer, explains how choosing a career as an engineer can make an immense difference to the world now – and in the future.

Energy explained

Ever wondered what net zero means? Want to know how windfarms make energy? Or how electricity and gas gets to you? Here we answer all your energy questions.

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