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Engage with us to create innovative solution

We are passionate about collaborating with others to create innovative solutions to our energy challenges. We believe we make better decisions in the interests of all our stakeholders when we understand their requirements, needs and priorities.

Engaging with stakeholders is therefore at the heart of what we do – our goal is to ensure that you are provided with an opportunity to discuss your ideas and voice your opinion to influence our decision-making.


Calls for Innovation

During 2022 we will be launching Calls for Innovation (CFI), to attract innovative solutions from across the supply chain – including academia, start-ups, SMEs and large organisations – to initiate the development of innovative projects to facilitate the energy transition and vulnerable consumers.

Innovative solutions for partial discharge monitoring on substation assets

This CFI is looking to hear from suppliers to inform NGET about state of the art solutions for long-term partial discharge monitoring activities that are suitable for HV transmission substation assets that involves minimum manual intervention.

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For access to event documents, please email [email protected] or [email protected].

Hero Bicker Ven

Development of a new low-carbon alternative to back up diesel generators

This CFI is looking to hear from suppliers to trial new backup power systems or combined standby and generation assets that are low-carbon alternatives to the traditional battery and diesel assets that are used across substations.

View the event notice for this CFI

You can also find out more about this Call for Innovation in our press release.

For access to event documents, please email [email protected].


Procurement is at the heart of NGET’s Innovation Strategy. Our process of sourcing and securing the goods and services we need allows us to meet our innovation goals and wider business objectives in the most effective way, for the benefit of our customers and end consumers. Our highly experienced procurement team works with us to identify the best partners for our innovation projects at the best value for money in a regulated environment. 

Buying goods, services and works on the scale required for this industry involves careful planning and informed, compliant decision making. Our procurement team is therefore engaged at every step of the journey with our prospective innovation partners, from supporting with market engagement exercises, to running competitive tender event and Calls for Innovation. They are experienced at working with a diverse supplier base from large multinationals to SMEs, so please do not let this stop you from engaging with us.

If you have any further questions please get in touch. 

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