Electricity transmission assets

Engineering and Consultancy Solutions (ECS)

National Grid's Specialist Engineering Solutions

National Grid has a long history of supporting businesses in the energy sector with engineering solutions across a variety of assets- from large generators to smaller demand projects. Find out more about the solutions available to you and how we can help manage, maintain and develop your assets and business.

High Voltage Services

High Voltage Maintenance Services (HVMS)

Find out about the different ways we can support the maintenance of your high voltage assets

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Consultancy and Policy Support

We offer a range of consultancy solutions across asset health, harmonics, EMFs, natural hazards and noise impact.

Deeside pylon

Deeside centre for innovation

Find out more about our testing facility, a 400kV modified substation for innovative technologies and practices.

Deeside Engineer

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Spares and cables

At our Spares & Cable facility, we store, manage and distribute emergency strategic stock

Case studies

Find out more about what we do, and how we've helped other customers