Electricity Safety Rules

The rules are mandatory. Everyone who works on or near to the transmission system is responsible for making sure they are thoroughly familiar with the detail of the relevant safety rules and appropriate supporting documents.

Safety Rules Documentation

Our Electricity Safety Rules and National Safety Instructions are provided to make sure work can be carried out safely on or near electrical and mechanical equipment. We publish them for third-party companies with authorised staff, Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and Generator Operators.

National Safety Instructions

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NSI 01: Operational and safety switching [NGUK/PM/ETSR/NSI/01/GN Issue 11]
NSI 02: Earthing high voltage equipment [NGUK/PM/ETSR/NSI/02/GN Issue 12]
NSI 02:Appendix A.10 v16 May 2024
NSI 03: High Voltage Metal Clad Switchgear with Spouts [NGUK/PM/ETSR/NSI/03/GN Issue 3]
NSI 04: Work on or near high voltage overhead lines [NGUK/PM/ETSR/NSI/04/GN Issue 10]
NSI 05: Cable systems [NGUK/PM/ETSR/NSI/05/ISSUE 4]
NSI 06: Demarcation in substations [NGUK/PM/ETSR/NSI/06/GN Issue 8]
NSI 08: Mobile elevated work platforms, lorry loaders, vehicles, cranes and objects in substations guidance [NGUK/PM/ETSR/NSI/08/GN Issue 6]
NSI 09: Testing high voltage equipment - Issue 3
NSI 10: Equipment containing pressurised interrupting / insulating gases [NGUK/PM/ETSR/NSI/10/GN Issue 6]
NSI 11: Work On or Near to High Voltage Capacitors [NGUK/PM/ETSR/NSI/11/GN Issue 5]
NSI 12: Low Voltage Equipment [NGUK/PM/ETSR/NSI/12/GN Issue 8]
NSI 13: Washing high voltage insulators [NGUK/PM/ETSR/NSI/13/GN Issue 1]
NSI 14: Automatically and/or remotely controlled equipment [NGUK/PM/ETSR/NSI/14/GN Issue 4]
NSI 17: Pressure systems [NGUK/PM/ETSR/NSI/17/GN Issue 4]
NSI 24: Modification or Repair of Earth Conductors on Main Earth Systems [NGUK/PM/ETSR/NSI/24GN Issue 4]
NSI 26: Railway Connection Circuits [NGUK/PM/ETSR/NSI/26/GN Issue 11]
NSI 27:Work on or near to High Voltage Direct Current [NGUK/PM/ETSR/NSI/27/GN Issue 3]
NSI 30: Appointment of persons [NGUK/PM/ET SR/NSI/30/GN Issue 9]
NSI 31: Control of National Grid Transmission Safety Rules and Supporting Documentation [NGUK/PM/ETSR/NSI/31/GN Issue 2]

Electricity authorisation training (competent/authorised person)

We provide essential primary safety training to our contractors who need access to high voltage compounds and routes. 

The scheme operates to satisfy the requirements of National Safety Instruction (NSI) 30 "Appointment of Persons". This procedure describes the process for the appointment of persons of both company and non-company personnel under the National Grid Safety Rules. 

The training for non-company personnel is administered by our Learning and Development department based in Eakring, Nottinghamshire.

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