Who we are

We develop, own and maintain the physical infrastructure, such as the pylons and cables, needed to move the electricity generated from windfarms and power sources around the country.

We own and maintain the high-voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales. Every time a phone is plugged in, or a switch is turned on, we’ve played a part, connecting you to the electricity you need.  

We take electricity generated from windfarms and other power sources and transport it through our network of pylons, overhead lines, cables, and substations. It then goes on to separate lower voltage local distribution networks, which connect directly to homes and businesses. 

We're investing for the future, connecting more and more low carbon electricity to our network - it’s a crucial role and pivotal in turning the UK’s net zero ambitions into reality.

How we manage the network

Wind Farm


Working with the Electricity System Operator we help large energy projects connect to the transmission system so their electricity can flow through the network and power homes and businesses.

Infrastructure projects

New infrastructure

We are investing to upgrade the electricity transmission system in England and Wales. New infrastructure such as overhead lines and substations will connect increasing amounts of low carbon power.

Infrastructure projects

Running the network

Our teams are responsible for keeping the electricity transmission network, consisting of over 7000 km of overhead line, 22,000 pylons, over 700 km of underground cable and 300 substations, up and running.

Bicker Fen station


Delivering the carbon-free electricity network of tomorrow means innovating today. We’re working with industry to find new ways to tackle some of the biggest challenges in energy.


The history of electricity

Here you will find information about National Grid's history, including how our network came together to form the first grid system in the world.

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Female LPT worker

Our people

National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET) is at the heart of energy in the UK, and maintaining a safe and secure electricity system is vital to our society. We could not do this without our incredible team of people who play a crucial part in keeping the lights on in England and Wales.

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