The Board

Our Board is responsible for overseeing the Group and its businesses – from our strategic direction to our culture and governance.

Role of the Board

The Board’s role includes determining the Group’s strategic direction, business plan, objectives and governance structure. These are all important factors that will help us achieve long-term success and value for our customers and shareholders. The Board also plays a major role in setting and leading our culture and wider sustainability goals.

Our Board sets the risk appetite for the Group and takes the lead in areas such as safeguarding our reputation and financial policy; as well as making sure we maintain a sound system of internal control and risk management.

For more information about the Board’s responsibilities, visit corporate information.

A balanced Board

Balance is an important requirement for the Board’s composition; not only in terms of the number of Executive and Non-executive Directors, but also in terms of the range of expertise and backgrounds. While traditional diversity criteria such as gender and ethnicity are important, we also value diversity of skills, experience, knowledge and thinking styles.

In line with the UK Corporate Governance Code, National Grid requires that at least 50% of Board members are independent.

Our Board members

The members of the Board are listed below. Here, you can read their biographies and find out about their individual skills and responsibilities.


Paula Rosput Reynolds

Chief Executive

John Pettigrew FEI FIET

Chief Financial Officer

Andy Agg

Non-executive Director

Jacqui Ferguson

Non-executive Director and Senior Independent Director

Lord Ian Livingston

Non-executive Director

Iain Mackay

Non-executive Director

Anne E. Robinson

Non-executive Director

Earl Shipp

Non-executive Director

Jonathan Silver

Non-executive Director

Tony Wood

Non-executive Director

Martha B. Wyrsch