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Have a question or complaint about the Electricity Transmission system in England and Wales?

National Grid Electricity Transmission manages the high voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales.

However, we don’t supply electricity directly to homes and businesses. If you need help on the following options around customer issues, please follow the links provided below.

Have you experienced a power cut at your home or in your area?

Go to this page to find out more about how to report power cuts

Power Cuts

Do you need to report an issue with the electricity to your home or local power supply?

Find out who your District Network Operator (DNO) is here:

Find my DNO

Are you trying to connect a new property to the electricity network?

Find out who your District Network Operator (DNO) is here:

Find my network operator

Do you need to reach out about an issue in the United States?

Go to the National Grid US site here:

Visit the National Grid US website

Have you got an issue with payments, tariffs or your electricity bill?

Please contact your electricity supplier. Your supplier is listed on your electricity bill.

Do you want to switch energy suppliers?

Visit the Ofgem website here:

Ofgem website

Are you looking for distribution connections?

If you are looking for connections into the distribution networks, such as smaller scale embedded generation or industrial connections below 132Kv, please contact your DNO. 

Find my DNO


Need to get in touch with us about the high voltage electricity transmission system in England and Wales?

If you wish to make a complaint, or raise a query around the electricity transmission network, please select one of the options below 

Wish to make a complaint or have an enquiry about National Grid Electricity Transmission?

We handle complaints and enquiries about the electricity transmission (high voltage 132kV-400kv) network in England and Wales (this does not include domestic connections such as homes and businesses). Follow this link to submit a complaint or make an enquiry:

Make a complaint or raise an enquiry

Have a project specific enquiry or complaint?

If your request relates directly to a specific project, please visit the Strategic infrastructure page to find the contact details of the specific community relations teams for each project.

Click here to find out more 

Need more information on contact details for landowners and grantors, help with EMFs or engineering advice?

Explore our page here:

Find out more

Want to submit an application to connect to the Electricity transmission system?

All applications are managed through the National Grid Electricity system operator. Visit their page below to find out more, and read about their connections portal which handles all new and existing applications:

Begin a connection application

Need to acquire rights to install new assets or undertake works on NGET land?’

Are you a developer wishing to work with National Grid to acquire rights over our land? You can find out more by downloading our guidance document and appendices below.

The guidance explains the process for securing rights over land owned by National Grid Electricity Transmission (leasehold/freehold and/or cable rights), the high-level design principles for development of land in proximity to operational electricity transmission assets, common land constraints to be aware of and requirements in relation to planning applications and use of permitted development rights.

Guidance note on the use of National Grid Electricity Transmission land – October 2022

Guidance note on the use of National Grid Electricity Transmission land: Appendices – November 2022

Need to conduct works near our assets?

Check here to get locations of our assets and safety guidance:

Find out more

Bicker Fen station

National Grid Electricity Transmission

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Visit the National Grid Group homepage

Need to find out more about the National grid group? Visit the webpage here

National Grid Electricity System Operator

Want to find out more about the National Grid Electricity System Operator?

National Grid US

Visit the National Grid United States website

Want to find out more about National Grids operations in the United States? Visit the webpage here