Energy explained

Ever wondered exactly what net zero is? Or how solar power works? Here we answer all your questions to demystify the world of energy.

Answering your questions on energy

Find out more about how energy works, from its history to the innovations and technologies that could help us build a cleaner, greener energy system for the future.

What is National Grid?

We’re the largest electricity transmission and distribution business in the UK, delivering electricity safely, reliably and efficiently to the customers and communities we serve, while working towards a cleaner, greener energy future.

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Electricity pylons with transmission lines in fields with Tilbury B Power Station in the background

Where does electricity come from? The journey of electricity to your home

Electricity plays a huge part in our lives, but where does that electricity actually come from? And how does it get from where it’s made into our homes and businesses?

Find out how electricity gets from the producers to your plug socket

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What is net zero?

We’ve all heard the term ‘net zero’, but what exactly does it mean? Find out the real definition of net zero, why it’s different from being ‘carbon neutral’, and how it relates to the fight against climate change.

Girl holding a dandelion clock standing in a field with wind turbine in the background

Why is net zero so important?

The race is on to reach net zero carbon emissions, but why is it so crucial that we do this? Find out why net zero is key in tackling global warming, why we must limit the global average temperature rise to 1.5°C, and what’s being done to make this happen

Solar panels, wind turbines and battery storage set against a blue sky with clouds

How will our electricity supply change in the future?

The global ambition to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 means we’ll likely be using more electricity than ever before in the coming years. To cope with this increase in demand, the network that supplies us with electricity will need to evolve.


Energy is changing. Meet the people driving this transformation, discover the tech and engineering solutions helping us deliver a cleaner, greener energy system and explore what the future might look like.

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