Our customers and communities

Support a fair and affordable transition

Number of colleagues volunteering hours
Number of people upskilled this year
Combined Energy support fund across UK and US

Our journey so far

In leading the energy transition, we will ensure a fair transition where no one is left behind and where we have created social value and mobility for our customers and communities.

Our A Fair Transition: Our Approach and Engagement sets out our role in ensuring our plans are aligned to a just, fair and equitable transition.

Our commitments and targets

Support an affordable energy transition

  • Report on the number of households and number of people that have benefitted from financial assistance, advice and energy efficiency measures as a direct result of our energy support fund

Accelerate social mobility in the communities we serve

  • Provide meaningful skills development for 45,000 people by 2030 with a focus on communities facing socio-economic disadvantage and report the number of people hired through Grid for Good employability programmes

​​Engage directly in our communities through volunteering​​​​​

  • Deliver 500,000 employee volunteering hours in our communities by 2030

Act on feedback we receive from our customers on the service we provide

  • Report back on customer satisfaction scores across our key business areas (where available)

Video about tackling fuel poverty in the cost of living crisis

Tackling fuel poverty in the cost of living crisis

Find out how non-profit organisations are making a difference to fuel poverty in our communities. This includes providing emergency financial relief to households with pre-payment energy meters, funding energy efficiency measures to help lower bills, providing advisory services for households which need help with energy bills and debts, and more.

Watch the video

Our areas of responsible business

We have identified the other key areas where we can really make a difference by ensuring responsibility is woven through everything we do.

Man wearing helmet, shorts and t-shirt cycling on country road with wind turbines and electricity pylons in the background

Our environment

Deliver a clean energy future

Two National Grid engineers wearing full PPE working on electrical equipment

Our people

Build the net zero workforce

Three engineers wearing full PPE working on overhead electricity lines, two climbing the pole and one in a cherry picker basket

Responsible Business fundamentals

Be a responsible business in our operations