Preparing the electricity network for the transition to net zero and maintaining an efficient and secure power supply in England and Wales.

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User connection configurations

Connections consider a variety of factors, including multiple connections, system requirements and DNO (Distribution Network Operators) demands. But what are the types of user connections used on the transmission network?

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Enabling Works

When more connections wish to export or import extra energy to or from the grid certain works can be needed to accommodate the extra capacity. But what do these works include?

Substation configuration types

Learn more about the different types of substations which are on our high voltage network.

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Siting Studies

As the volume of connections increases, new assets are being triggered across our network. But how do we determine their location?

Bio-diversity Net Gain requirements

Discover how Government Bio-diversity Net Gain requirements influence new connections projects


The process of substation expansion and creation

What happens when a substation reaches capacity and cannot be expanded?

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The outage connection process

Before a customer is ready to connect, certain processes must be followed. Learn more about how connection outages are scheduled.

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What is a User Self Build?

There are tight rules and regulations that need to be followed, to ensure the network remains safe and secure.

Laying underground cable

Distribution and transmission connections

The differences between high voltage electricity transmission and distribution connections can be complex. So what are the differences?

Code modifications - Transforming the energy networks of the future

How is the power industry regulated in the UK? How can regulations be changed? Read more here.

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How does the connections process work?

The process of connecting to the high voltage transmission system in England and Wales involves a variety of people and resources. But what can you expect for your project?

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