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We believe businesses have a duty to contribute to society and the communities they serve. Find out more about how being a responsible business impacts everything we do.

What does it mean to be a responsible business?

At National Grid we’re committed to being a responsible business in everything we do. It’s enshrined in our purpose – to Bring Energy to Life.

We do this through the delivery of the electricity and gas that powers our customers and communities. And we will always do so reliably, safely, and in a fair and affordable way for all.
Right now, we are putting our values into action with our response to the coronavirus pandemic, caring for our people and the communities we serve.

At the same time, we are moving forward with our broader programmes for responsible business. Whether it's ensuring the youth of today become the problem solvers of tomorrow, or tackling climate change by reducing our own emissions, and helping our customers use energy more efficiently. Responsible business is how we do business.

Our vision

Watch this video to find out more about National Grid’s purpose and vision.

Our values

Responsibility at National Grid means applying our values to everything we do, every day by:

  • doing the right thing
  • finding a better way
  • making it happen.

It’s what society expects us to do so, and we know we can make a positive impact by acting as a responsible business.

Putting our values into action

“Business needs to stand for something more than simply profitability. Now, more than ever, we have a responsibility to demonstrate our contribution to society more broadly. We are putting our values into action with our COVID-19 response, looking after our people, caring for and supporting our communities, and helping to kickstart the economy.”

John Pettigrew, Chief Executive, National Grid

Five focus areas where we can make an impact

We have identified the five areas where we can really make a difference by ensuring responsibility is woven through everything we do.


Enabling a fair and affordable transition to a clean energy economy.

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Going the extra mile to deliver positive impact in the communities we serve.

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We are working to ensure all our people are treated fairly and given the opportunity to thrive at work.

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How we contribute to the economies of the countries where we operate our businesses.

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We are committed to the highest standard of corporate governance and strive to apply best practice in this area.

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About us

Find out more about what we do, our businesses and our vision and values.

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Get insights into the energy industry, its people, projects and progress towards net zero.

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