ECS case studies

Engineering and Consultancy Solutions (ECS) case studies

Our Engineering and Consultancy Solutions team has a long history of supporting businesses in the energy sector with engineering solutions. We can provide a whole range of specialist expertise on topics ranging from asset maintenance and management to harmonics and noise management, providing a safe, effective and efficient solution to suit your business.

Take a look at our case studies on how we've helped our customers maintain their operations and develop their businesses.

Case studies

24 hour call out

Marchwood Power

An emergency call came into ECS’s 24-hour helpline, relating to a gas fault on one of the power station’s main generators.

Noise management visual

Innovative noise solution for Ealing Council

Having established that the nuisance was caused by the NGET and SSEN transformers, we used our ECS acoustic consultants to help develop a mitigation solution.

Oil Management Unit

ECS’s Oil Management Unit takes to the road again

Sometimes we need to ‘switch off’ parts of network for asset maintenance or replacement so the network continues to operate safely and efficiently.

Sizewell B case study image

ECS helps EDF Sizewell remain SF6 compliant

As sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) is a highly effective electrical insulator for high voltage electrical applications, it is often used by power plants in their high voltage circuit breakers.