The electricity network is undergoing an ambitious, exciting and vital transformation. Together with industry, we are investing in a cleaner, greener grid, one that protects the planet and serves generations to come. 

Through The Great Grid Upgrade, the largest overhaul of the electricity grid in generations we're investing for the future, connecting more and more low carbon electricity to our network - it’s a crucial role and pivotal in turning the UK’s net zero ambitions into reality. 

How do we plan our investments now and in the future?

As the energy regulator Ofgem set price controls for the gas and electricity network companies of Great Britain. Price controls balance the relationship between investment in the network, company returns and the amount we charge for operating our network. The RIIO-T2 price control runs for five years, from 2021-2026. Find out more RIIO-T2 business plan and performance. 

Our RIIO-T2 Business plan

Our RIIO-T2 Performance 

We are now planning the work required in the second half of the decade and looking ahead to the next Ofgem price control. These future investments will play a vital role in helping ensure our future energy security by using affordable, home-grown, low carbon electricity, while providing significant economic and employment opportunities across England and Wales. 

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The Great Grid Upgrade

What's a windy day got to do with a good hair day? Find out more about The Great Grid Upgrade - the largest overhaul of the UK's electricity grid in generations.

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T-pylons and overhead electricity lines in green fields

Future Network Blueprints

We’re building a live and accessible picture of how our infrastructure plans need to change to meet ambitious net zero targets. Our Future Network Blueprints provides a single and coordinated ‘best view’ of the work needed across different regions of our network. Helping us to make more coordinated decisions about when and how to upgrade the grid.

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Woman looking at computer for National Grid digitalisation strategy

Digitalisation strategy and action plan

We believe in a UK future that is clean, green and thriving, where nobody gets left behind, and where digitalisation facilitates the advancement of green technologies. Through digitalisation, we can create value for consumers, improve customer experience, enable greater whole system coordination and transparency, and accelerate the development and deployment of innovative technologies.

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Electricity transmission pylons and overhead lines across a flooded countryside

Our whole system approach

We’re working to build a fairer and more affordable energy system, with Whole System at the heart of this approach. Find out how a new Whole System will help to achieve the UK’s ambition of a net zero economy by 2050, and the key role we have to play.

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News and events

Discover the public's opinion on the priorities for the electricity network

Using an independent research consultancy to survey 3,000 members of the public, we have gathered key insights on their priorities for the electricity network.

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We have been busy analyzing the feedback gathered from the six regional stakeholder events – over 5,400 recorded verbatim comments. Find out more...

Three engineers wearing PPE looking at a drawing on the bonnet of a car

We’re engaging on our early plans to transform our network for net zero

Sara Habib, Head of Future Price Controls, explains how collaboration will be the key to success in delivering a net zero electricity transmission network, and urges stakeholders to share their views as we shape our future business plans.