Future developments
How National Grid Ventures is developing the technologies that will power a revolution in clean energy.

Tackling climate change is the defining challenge for our generation. It demands innovation and fresh thinking across every part of the energy sector. At National Grid Ventures, we’re investing in the technologies that will ignite a new era of clean energy.

We’re spearheading the development of a new generation of subsea electricity interconnectors that will not only enable clean power to flow between countries but also allow large volumes of offshore wind to be connected at the same time.

We know that offshore wind will be crucial in eliminating carbon from the power sector. That’s why we’re at the forefront of offshore wind developments in both the US and the UK.

And we’re unlocking the potential of emerging technologies such as hydrogen. As development continues to accelerate, the technology could play an important role in overcoming one of the biggest barriers to achieving net zero – how to decarbonise heavy industry.