Credit ratings

Senior unsecured / short term rating

National Grid's Treasury team maintain frequent contact with Moody's Investor Services (Moody's)Standard and Poor's Rating Services (S&P) and Fitch Ratings and ensure that the agencies are kept aware of significant developments in the Group.

Senior members of National Grid's management team also meet with these agencies formally, usually at least once in each fiscal year, to discuss the anticipated performance of the Group.

Lead Analysts for National Grid plcGraham Taylor
+44 20 7772 5206
Gustav B Rydevik
+44 20 7176 1282
Djivan Torossian
+44 20 3530 2617
Elliot Ryan
+44 20 3530 1296
National Grid plcBaa2 / P2BBB / A2BBB / --
National Grid Holdings One plcNRBBB+ / A21NR
National Grid Electricity Transmission plcBaa1 / P2BBB+ / A2A- / F2
National Grid Electricity System Operator LtdBaa12 / ---NRNR
National Grid North America Inc.Baa2 / P2BBB / A2NR
National Grid USABaa2 / ---BBB / A2NR
Massachusetts Electric Co.Baa1 / ---BBB+ / A2NR
New England Power Co.A3 / ---BBB+ / A2A- / ---
Niagara Mohawk Power CorporationBaa1 / ---BBB+ / A2NR
The Brooklyn Union Gas Company (KEDNY)Baa2 / ---BBB+ / ---BBB+ / ---
KeySpan Gas East Corporation (KEDLI)Baa1 / ---BBB+ / ---A- / ---
Boston Gas CompanyBaa1 / ---BBB+ / ---NR
National Grid Generation LLCBaa22 / ---BBB1 / ---NR
National Grid Electricity Distribution plcBaa2 / ---BBB / A-2NR
National Grid Electricity Distribution (East Midlands) plcBaa1 / ---BBB+ / A-2NR
National Grid Electricity Distribution (South Wales) plcBaa1 / ---BBB+ / A-2NR
National Grid Electricity Distribution (South West) plcBaa1 / ---BBB+ / A-2NR
National Grid Electricity Distribution (West Midlands) plcBaa1 / ---BBB+ / A-2NR

1S&P Issuer Credit Rating

2Moody's LT Issuer Rating

Information updated as at 23 May 2024

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