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Infrastructure projects

Learn about the infrastructure projects we're working on and how those will help deliver a cleaner greener future.

In Great Britain, we are in the middle of a transformation, with the energy we use increasingly coming from cleaner greener sources. National Grid is at the heart of that energy transformation – investing around £1.3bn each year to adapt and develop our transmission network to connect new sources of low carbon and green energy.

Working with communities and local people

We all want to see the energy we use coming from low carbon and renewable sources. It’s also important to keep the impact on bills and the impact on people, places and our natural environment as low as possible. Government expects us, and we strive, to find the right balance in that regard.

As we upgrade the electricity transmission network and develop proposals to connect new electricity generation sources, we work with a wide range of stakeholders and experts. Listening to the views of communities where the network needs to be developed, gives us valuable feedback and insight as we look to minimise those impacts.

Delivering clean green energy whilst ensuring everyone benefits and no-one is left behind is also important to us. We work closely with local communities to make sure we minimise construction impacts as much as we can and support community initiatives in areas where we are working to deliver social, economic or environmental benefits. You can read more about our work supporting communities.

Many of our projects are also fantastic feats of engineering, delivered by a diverse and varied workforce using world-leading technology, innovation and expertise.  Working closely with schools and training organisations we look for opportunities to use our projects to help inspire the next generation of budding engineers and provide real opportunities for local people to grow their potential and capabilities – helping deliver a cleaner greener future in a way which benefits us all.

Share your views

Where our plans affect you or your community, we encourage you to let us know your opinions on our proposals. Your views are important to us and will help shape our plans as our infrastructure projects develop. Click on the links below to find out more about our current projects and details of how to contact us.