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National Grid Electricity Transmission manages the extra high voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales. However, we don’t supply electricity directly to homes and businesses.

Network Infrastructure – upgrades and future assets

What is The Great Grid Upgrade?

The Great Grid Upgrade is the largest overhaul of the grid in generations – making sure that renewable energy can move from where it’s generated to where it’s needed, enabling us all to power the things we love with cleaner energy.

What infrastructure projects are National Grid Electricity Transmission currently working on?

In Great Britain, we are in the middle of a transformation, with the energy we use increasingly coming from cleaner greener sources. National Grid is at the heart of that energy transformation – investing around £1.3bn each year to adapt and develop our transmission network to connect new sources of low carbon and green energy. Learn about the infrastructure projects we're working on and how they will help deliver a cleaner, greener future. 

How do you make decisions about current and future assets?

National Grid Electricity Transmission has extensive experience in asset management solutions for customers in the high-voltage electricity industry.  Whether we are looking to build, refurbish, replace, or decommission assets, we would always look to use existing routes first and upgrade where possible, any new circuits would go through optioneering processes including environmental appraisal and stakeholder consultation to determine the best solution. Find out more about our externally offered engineering and consultancy solutions.


How does the connection process work?

The process of connecting to the high voltage transmission system in England and Wales involves a variety of people and resources. Explore how the connections process works and what should you expect across your project journey.

How can I find out more about the connections landscape in England and Wales?

Explore the connections landscape via our Research Assistant tool. Review connection sites, find out key information about specific regions and likely timescales for connections. 

What is Connections Reform?

Over recent years, we have witnessed significant and rapid change in the energy landscape, including the type and volume of developments wanting to connect to the transmission network. These changes in the industry have brought challenges, notably a hugely oversubscribed pipeline of customers wanting to connect to the network, resulting in increasing timescales being offered for connections. To find out more about how we are working to reform the connections process and pipeline.

How do we work within connections?

Our teams are working towards preparing our networks for net zero and maintaining an efficient and secure supply of power. Discover some of the work our teams deliver and find out more about how we work here.

What has recently been connected to the high voltage transmission network in England and Wales?

Our teams are dedicated to delivering high quality projects to ensure a safe and secure network for all. We have compiled some of our customer connections stories to demonstrate some of the key projects we’ve delivered.

Skills and Careers

How is National Grid supporting skills development within the energy sector?

The sector faces a significant skills challenge, with increasing demand, a loss of existing talent, competition with other sectors, a lack of diversity and a diminishing pipeline of people taking up STEM subjects. Our Responsible Business Charter includes a commitment to developing skills for the future, with a focus on lower income communities, by providing access to skills development for 45,000 people by 2030 and achieving 500,000 employee volunteering hours by 2030.

To support this commitment, we established Grid for Good, an energy industry community programme led by National Grid to support young people aged 16-24. The programme includes; 12-week career mentoring, two weeks of work experience, access to apprenticeships and internships at National Grid, work readiness training, and networking and industry taster sessions.

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Running our network

Find out more about how the transmission network is run.

Our future network

Explore how we’re shaping the future transmission network in England and Wales.