Corporate information

Here you can discover a wide range of information about the National Grid Group, including corporate governance, our annual report and accounts, how we maintain a high standard of corporate political engagement, and our corporate registrations.

Maintaining high corporate standards 

At National Grid, how we do things is just as important as what we do. We maintain high corporate standards, which includes governance and the way we engage with our stakeholders.

We also aim to be transparent in everything we do, regularly reporting our financial performance and providing other corporate information that shows what we do.      

Governance and political engagement

At National Grid, good corporate governance goes beyond our compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code. We know it builds an environment of trust, transparency and accountability, all of which helps foster long-term investment, financial stability and business integrity.

We also maintain a high standard of corporate political engagement worldwide. We do this by assessing and making our policies, procedures and practice visible, referring to Transparency International Guidance.

Financial reporting and other corporate information

We aim to provide our stakeholders with as much information as we can about how we’re performing – notably through our Annual Report and Accounts, which includes a strategic review, as well as governance and financial performance overviews.

Other information we provide includes our corporate registrations, which set out the companies registered within the National Grid Group.