Green collar jobs

Traditionally jobs have been split into blue collar (typically manual roles) and white collar (typically work done at a desk), but increasingly the idea of green collar jobs has begun to take shape.

Green collar work is focused on improving the environment, and is seen as central to economic recovery and growth in the coming years. These jobs can be manual or professional roles and can relate to anything 'green', from reducing the amount of plastic waste to producing cleaner energy. Think people who work at wind farms, those involved with electric vehicle infrastructure, running recycling plants or energy efficiency initiatives.

Here are some examples of real green collar workers from within our company, looking at what each of their roles involve and the pathways that led them into their area of work.

Caroline Bradley - Cable Engineering Manager

Caroline Bradley – sharing clean energy between different countries

Cable Engineering Manager Caroline tells us about her work on North Sea Link – the world’s longest subsea cable, which shares clean energy between the UK and Norway – plus the importance of diversity within the energy industry and why it’s an exciting time to join the ‘green collar’ workforce.

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Photo of National Grid US's Sarah Basham and her dog for Green Collar Jobs story

Sarah Basham – finding lower carbon ways to heat homes

Sarah, who is based in Massachusetts, tells us about the actual light bulb moment that inspired her career and led to her role of finding lower carbon ways to heat homes in the Northeastern US.

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Meet more of our green jobs colleagues

Green collar workers in the UK

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Green collar jobs - Joseph Harvey

Joseph Harvey – the apprentice who switched from marine to green

Joseph's interest in net zero was sparked during his higher apprenticeship. Here he tells us about his ‘green collar job’, how he’s representing National Grid as a future leader on sustainability and his literally cool outdoors hobby.

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Louise Clark – championing our role at COP26

We talk to Louise, our Senior Policy Manager for COP26, the global climate change summit that National Grid is a Principal Partner of. She tells us about how she ended up in the energy sector, her eco hero and why we’re at a climate change crossroads.

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Emilie Main image

Emilie Siebenborn – growing interest in green financing

Emilie, who is Assistant Manager, Capital Markets, tells us about her work in the fast-growing area of green financing.

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Photo of Environmental Advisor Jonathan Miller for National Grid Green Collar Jobs story

Jonathan Miller – working in the field (literally)

Jonathan, who is an Environmental Advisor based out of our Warwick office, tells us how he’s combined his loves of the outdoors and engineering in his role and how, for him, working ‘in the field’ often means quite literally in a field.

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National Grid Advanced Commissioning Engineer Suzanna Bryant for Green Collar Jobs story

Suzanna Bryant – connecting new, clean energy sources

Advanced Commissioning Engineer Suzanna reveals how a previous job on super-yachts led to a career contributing to a cleaner energy future.

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Photo of Carolyn Gardner for National Grid's Green Collar Jobs series

Carolyn Gardner – inspired by the Amazon

Environmental Specialist Carolyn talks about how she ended up in her ‘green collar’ career, what her job involves and the ways she’s living an eco-friendly life outside of work.

Carys Green collar

Carys Taylor – working towards net zero

Public Affairs Manager Carys talks about her role championing understanding of clean energy and green transport issues in the political world and beyond.

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Mingyu Sun - charging EVs on the move

Innovation Engineer Mingyu Sun leads a pioneering project in our Innovation team, exploring the potential for "dynamic charging" - charging EVs as they drive by installing electric layers beneath our road systems.

Green collar workers in the US

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Julia Gold – growing up green

Julia grew up green, inspired by her environmental campaigner parents. Now she’s carrying on the cause, with her career working to decarbonise transport and her eco-friendly home life.

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National Grid Partner's Avra Durack's green collar job

Avra Durack – compelled to address climate change by Katrina

Avra, who is a Director on the Incubation team at National Grid Partners, tells us how Hurricane Katrina fuelled her determination to switch career and help tackle climate change.

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National Grid US Lead Product Developer Sara Harari for green collar jobs story

Sara Harari – breaking down barriers to a cleaner energy future

We talk to Lead Product Developer Sara, who is working towards a greener future for all with clean energy innovation.

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National Grid's Ryan Cote on a solar farm for green collar jobs story about driving electric

Ryan Cote – driving electric

We catch up with Ryan, Senior Program Manager on our electric transportation programmes, who’s all about encouraging more people to drive electric in Rhode Island.

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Gideon Banner standing on a log across a river used for National Grid's green collar jobs story

Gideon Banner – acting to improve the environment

New York-based Gideon’s role within Property Services is all about finding ways we can be more eco-friendly across our sites in the US. Read on for more about his green collar job and how he switched careers to this, his second act.

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For National Grid 'Net zero know-how' story

David Reamer - why the future’s bright for renewable energy in the US

David Reamer is Head of Development of US Onshore Renewables for National Grid Renewables. Here he talks about the US States setting ambitious goals for climate change and renewable energy.