Additional solutions

On this page, you’ll find out about the range of additional solutions we’re able to offer to support your business.  

With our extensive industry experience, and the help of our world-class experts, we’re able to offer you a range of additional solutions to support your business.  

Below is an overview of these solutions – for more detailed information on how we can meet your business needs, please make an enquiry

ECS onsite

Consultancy and bespoke solutions

Take a look at the additional consultancy available to you at each point through the connections journey

Build, refurbish, replace, decommission

Find out about our engineering consultancy and bespoke services to support you in the licensed process of connecting to our network


Operational control

Find out how we can support your business with operational control through our Transmission Network Control Centre



Find out more about our RISSP awareness training offering

Further solutions

Find out more below about other additional solutions we can offer for your business.

Special equipment hire

As part of supporting our customers’ business needs, we can provide hire of sky cradles and temporary towers. 

Our sky cradle mobile conductor ‘bridges’ offer an alternative to expensive scaffolding and specialist insurance costs. They are ideal for working on major road and/or motorway overhead line crossings.  

Temporary towers can be used in projects such as temporary overhead line diversions.   

Engineering document library 

Over the years National Grid has built up a wealth of engineering documentation. To support you in establishing your asset policies and transmission procedures, we can share this information with you.  

Once you are a member, you’ll be able to access all the documents electronically.  Please follow the link below to set up your account and purchase your membership.  

Go to document library

Telecommunications sector services 

We offer a range of services to telecommunications companies that use our electricity infrastructure to support their own networks.  

Where a company has contracted with National Grid to use our towers or overhead lines for data transmission equipment, we can supply the key services below. Please get in touch to discuss your specific business requirements.  

Site routine inspections 

We'll carry out inspections of your equipment, in accordance with agreed frequencies and work specifications, and report on the results. It can then be determined if maintenance work is required. 

Planned maintenance 

Carried out during pre-planned outage periods, this is a pre-agreed schedule of work which takes place during a specified time period. It requires planning into the following year’s work schedule, on an annual basis. 

Reactive maintenance 

This maintenance is carried out as required and to an agreed specification. We can work to specific service level agreements for emergency 24-hour call-out situations. 

Provision of access 

We provide access to tower structures, ensuring safety from the system is provided for site visitors. This includes checking site visitor competencies are to National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET) standards.  

We ensure work is undertaken in accordance with relevant permits and NGET standards, and that safety documents are prepared, issued, transferred and cancelled. 

Storage and inspection of equipment 

Where we use a customer’s equipment to carry out maintenance work, we’re able to offer a storage and inspection service for these items.