The Group Executive Committee

Led by the Chief Executive, the Group Executive Committee oversees the safety, operational and financial performance of the Group.

Role of the Group Executive Committee 

The Group Executive Committee’s role and responsibilities include:

  • making the day-to-day management and operational decisions needed to safeguard the interests of the Group  
  • furthering the strategy, business objectives and targets established by the Board
  • approving the expenditure and other financial commitments within its authority levels and discussing, formulating and approving proposals to be considered by the Board.

Our Group Executive Committee members

Our Group Executive Committee consists of the following senior leaders:

Chief Executive

John Pettigrew FEI FIET

Chief Financial Officer

Andy Agg

President, UK Electricity Transmission

Alice Delahunty

President, UK Strategic Infrastructure

Carl Trowell

President, UK Electricity Distribution

Cordi O'Hara OBE FEI

President, National Grid New York

Rudolph Wynter

President, National Grid New England

Lisa Wieland

President, National Grid Ventures

Katie Jackson FEI

Group General Counsel & Company Secretary

Justine Campbell

Chief Strategy and Regulation Officer

Ben Wilson

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

Courtney Geduldig

Chief People and Culture Officer

Will Serle

Group Chief Information & Digital Officer

Talvis Love