General Vesting Declaration (GVD)

We’re committed to maintaining successful working relationships with all stakeholders and want to keep them informed of important changes affecting their land.

To ensure that the Hinkley Connection Project apparatus can be retained on the land, accessed and maintained into the future, National Grid, working in partnership with National Grid Electricity Distribution, need to secure rights through what is known as a General Vesting Declaration (GVD).

This formal legal procedure gives the Hinkley Connection Project the authority to establish rights or take ownership over a property. A number of GVDs have been or will be completed dependent on the nature of rights taken or the stage of the project. The GVD sets out the rights that are acquired in each case for each plot of land.

GVD documents

As an alternative and in keeping with Government Covid-19 guidance the current GVDs are available to view electronically in the library of documents below.

Stage 1.2 (East of Churchill Substation)