Britain’s high voltage supergrid was energised for the first time in July 1953, marking a new era in the way that electricity powered our country. Discover the technology, people and places behind the early supergrid, and how it’s still evolving into a network fit for a net zero future.

The supergrid at 70

Discover some of the major network investments that have evolved our transmission system since the supergrid was first switched on.

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Technology of the early supergrid

In the summer of 1953 a circuit-breaker was closed to energise Britain’s 275kV supergrid for the first time. Read on to discover some of the technology behind the achievement.

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Where the supergrid began

Near a small village in Nottinghamshire, Britain’s 275kV supergrid was switched on in front of an assembled crowd. Discover the places that played host to the early supergrid.

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People power

Britain’s supergrid heralded a time of remarkable engineering prowess and innovation. Discover some of the key figures behind the progress of electricity at the time.

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The Great Grid Upgrade

At National Grid we’ve invested billions over recent decades to maintain and evolve our transmission network, and today we’re embarking on the Great Grid Upgrade – the biggest overhaul of the electricity grid in generations.

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