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Gas Future Operability Planning (GFOP)

The gas landscape has changed considerably in the past 15 years. With developments in technology and changing consumer behavior, we expect this to continue. 

The aim of our GFOP document is to describe how this ever-evolving landscape may affect the future capability of the gas network out to 2050.

About the GFOP

The GFOP provides a focal point for all market participants to discuss future gas transmission network needs, operational challenges and uncertainties out to 2050. We want the GFOP to be collaborative, so all interested parties can explain how their use of the NTS might change, challenge our assumptions, provide evidence for other areas we should look at, and identify opportunities for working together.

The GFOP may trigger a change in the way we respond to customer and market signals, leading to modifications in our decision-making and operational processes.

GFOP 2017

This year's GFOP will consist of four quarterly publications released over the course of 2017/18. GFOP 2017 - A changing energy landscape is the first of these and introduces a number of current and future gas network operability challenges.

Download it here

Past GFOP documents