Community grant frequently asked questions

Where do I need to be based to be eligible for this grant?

National Grid’s Community Grant Programme is designed to support communities and organisations that are being adversely affected by our works.  As such, eligibility is not determined based simply on the proximity of a project to National Grid works, but by the applicants ability to show the adverse impact of this work on their organisation and the community in which they operate.  If you are unsure, please e-mail or call us.

Can we apply more than once?

You may only receive one grant each year. You can apply again in subsequent years provided the earlier project has been completed and you have returned the end of grant monitoring form.

Can we apply for a project that lasts more than a year?

We expect all awards to be used within 12 months, however if there is an unexpected delay with your project we can allow some flexibility.

Can we apply for repeat funding?

We do not usually fund a project more than once however, you can apply for funding for a ‘new’ project once the original has been completed.  We will not provide on-going support to a project that has previously received funding or fund core running costs.

Are social enterprises and community interest companies eligible?

Yes, so long as you have a constitution that confirms you are a not for profit organisation and have a minimum of three unrelated Directors.

Can we apply for a grant to make improvements to land or buildings which we do not own?

No, we cannot fund applications to land or property where the applicant cannot demonstrate that they have long term security in its continued use  e.g. a lease or formal agreement for use.  Voluntary organisations using land or premises must be able to demonstrate that they have tenure over the property before making an application.

We cannot fund applications where the capital item will become the property of another organisation.

If you have other questions about applying for a grant you can contact us on: