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EmployAbility – Lets Work Together
Bringing employers and education providers together to deliver Supported Internships for young people with learning disabilities aged 16-24

The challenge

  • Only 5.1% of students with learning disabilities get into full-time employment.
  • Yet, according to Mencap, 65% of people with learning disabilities want a paid job.
  • 60% of the students on National Grid’s Supported Internship programme have gone into paid employment.
  • We can help bridge this gap with Supported Internships.
  • We can overcome the challenge of young people with learning disabilities not achieving sustainable paid employment if businesses and schools/colleges work together
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Our Supported Internship Programme

EmployAbility – Let’s work together is National Grid’s employee-led supported Internship programme for young people aged 16- 24 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Our aim is to raise aspirations and significantly improve the likelihood of a young person with learning disabilities achieving paid employment by providing supported, immersive work placements in our organisation.

People with learning disabilities have only a 5.1% likelihood of achieving paid employment, one of the lowest employment rates of all people with disabilities. Despite this, many young adults with learning disabilities aspire to work. Employment brings higher self-esteem, confidence, financial security and choices as well as a feeling of contributing to and being part of the community.

Since 2013 EmployAbility – Let’s Work Together has welcomed over 100 interns and has already demonstrated a ten-fold success rate, seeing on average 60% achieving paid employment.

We are proud that our programme has inspired other employers to set-up their own supported internship programmes, such as Severn Trent, Amey and Yorkshire Water.


We have developed this toolkit for businesses and education providers who are planning on running their own Supported Internship programmes.


  • Phase 1 Planning to implement EmployAbility.
  • Phase 2 Pre-go-live activities.
  • Phase 3 Post-launch activities.
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Let's work together has programmes running at two National Grid sites in Warwick and Wokingham.

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