Community Spirit

Community spirit

Meet our people and discover our work in our communities.

Get to know us better. Meet our people and find out more about their work and passions, discover our work in our communities and get the inside story on what it’s like to be part of the changing energy industry.

National Grid graduate Afsara Chowdhury

Meet the Grid Grads: Afsara Chowdhury

After moving from Bangladesh to study at Cambridge, Afsara Chowdhury joined our graduate scheme in 2018. Here she explains how this opportunity has helped her to explore exciting new ways to tackle climate change.

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Photo of National Grid's Head of UK Strategy Claire Dykta for HERoes story

We can be HERoes: Why role models matter

Relatable role models helped to shape Head of UK Strategy Claire Dykta’s aspirations in the early stages of her career. Now that she’s been recognised as a role model herself, she talks about why they matter and how she hopes to inspire others.

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Holding hands with hospital patient for National Grid story 'Supporting carers during stressful times'

Supporting carers during stressful times

Customer Experience Manager Sarah Jeffery is no stranger to taking care of people but nothing prepared her for nursing her dad through his last months of life. Here she explains how the culture at work gave her the time she needed to support her parents.

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US Lineworker Donald Lopes in front of National Grid bucket truck

Life as a lineworker – our high wire heroes

No matter if temperatures are dipping below freezing or its broiling hot outside, Donald Lopes and his fellow US lineworkers arrive at their base at 7am sharp; ready to service the poles to ensure electricity keeps flowing to local homes and businesses.

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Wellbeing Outdoors

Looking after workplace wellbeing in a WFH world

The pandemic’s impact means providing wellness support for employees is more valuable than ever but also more challenging. Find out how our first Virtual Wellbeing Festival is giving our teams a boost with its mix of advice, activity and fun.

Meet the Energy Changers

Meet Lucy

Lucy Manning is a Commercial Advisor at Grain LNG. Here she talks about her passions, her life and explains how she balances her role with an invisible disability.

Meet Miriam

Miriam Oliver is a Substation Engineer. Discover how her job allows her to make a positive impact on the world.

Energy explained

Ever wondered what net zero means? Want to know how windfarms make energy? Or how electricity and gas gets to you? Here we answer all your energy questions.

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