Research Assistant

Our digital research functionality

Our Research Assistant tool has been specifically designed to help research connections to the Electricity Transmission system in England and Wales. Take a look at our information below to find out more about how it can help you.


RA map

Research Assistant

Our Research Assistant is an innovative tool that is designed to provide connection information across the transmission system. Use it to review connection sites, find out key information about specific regions and likely timescales for connections.

ConnectNow Research Assistant

Regional information

Visit the regional information page to find out more about capacity and key enabling works in each region, as well as the current status of specific substations.


Regional info

Site specific information

Drill down into a single site on our map view to better understand information about the voltage, connections dates or substation type.


Site details
National Grid branded van at Bicker Fen substation

Getting connected

The process of connecting to the high voltage transmission system in England and Wales involves a variety of people and resources. But what can you expect for your project?

Find out how the connections process works