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Discover the policies that underpin our approach to sustainable business.

At National Grid our reporting is transparent and our governance framework is aligned with our purpose, vision and values. Executive and Senior Leadership pay is linked to our Responsible Business Commitments across several metrics, to strengthen the alignment of performance and our responsible business activities.

We apply responsibility as a principle through our values every day, by doing the right thing, finding a better way and making it happen. Our vision is to be at the heart of a clean, fair and affordable energy future, and we have a responsibility to demonstrate our contribution to society.

We are committed to responding to our material issues and commitments by developing appropriate strategies, policies, programmes and performance indicators.

Front cover of National Grid's Responsible Business Charter 2023

Our Responsible Business Charter

We now have a simplified and refreshed charter where we set out some new commitments across our environment, our customers and communities, and our people.

With changes in our operations and the environment around us since the launch of our first charter, it was only right that we refreshed our charter to ensure we remain focused on the important issues for us, our stakeholders and our communities; reaffirming that we are committed to keep pace with the external market and align to our new portfolio.

We are committed to delivering a clean energy future while building the net zero workforce to enable a fair and affordable transition for all.

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Transparent reporting

Our reporting suite of documents detail our responsible business journey and we will continue to adapt our reporting as ESG reporting standards evolve.

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Here you'll find out about our purpose, vision, strategy and values, alongside our various other policies that are aligned to our Responsible Business Charter.

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