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Future of Gas - GMaP
Developing a Gas Markets Plan Together

Future of Gas

Gas will be key as we transition to a net zero, sustainable energy system. However, we need to manage the challenge of high levels of uncertainty about the future direction and pace of change.

The Gas Markets Plan (GMaP)

To continue to deliver safe, reliable gas supplies at the best value for consumers, a process is needed to proactively and strategically  consider how market frameworks need to change across all potential futures.To achieve this, National Grid Gas Transmission, in collaboration with industry, policy-makers and stakeholders have launched the Gas Markets Plan (GMaP).

The GMaP brings together a broad range of stakeholders to prepare today for the gas market frameworks of the future.

This is the first annual GMaP publication. It outlines the areas of change we will be exploring with industry over the next year, as well as what industry should be proactively preparing for in the next 2–10 years. In sharing this document with you, we hope to stimulate conversation
on how market frameworks will need to evolve over the next decade.

Download the Gas Markets Plan 2020

Publications and events

Read our latest releases and find out ways to get involved

Hydrogen Gas Market Plan: Scenarios

We outlined four hydrogen scenarios to explore the hydrogen events or triggers that could lead to market change. For market participants, this will indicate how to plan for future market change, based on specific triggers that could come to fruition.

Hydrogen Gas Market Plan: Market considerations to support a hydrogen town

This insight piece explores potential market arrangements to enable a hydrogen town, alongside broader market considerations for a wider hydrogen rollout on the public gas networks.

Gas Quality 'Implementing the Proposed Gas Quality Standards' Final Report

The final project report outlines recommendations to be taken in the short term to deliver benefits to the gas quality regime, alongside longer-term actions to be taken on a trigger.

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Gas Quality Knowledge Share

The Gas Markets Plan (GMaP), is an output initiative from the Future of Gas programme. It aims to facilitate the energy transition, whilst also continuing to drive consumer value in a collaborative and collegiate way over the 2 to 10 -year time horizon.

Focus areas

What we'll be exploring for potential market change.

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Gas Quality Focus Area

The Gas Quality Focus Area will consider how market rules may need to evolve to accommodate more diverse, low carbon gases into the GB gas system.

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Hydrogen Focus Area

The Hydrogen Focus Area will consider market change activities needed to integrate hydrogen into the energy mix with minimal impact on gas market participants.

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Balancing Focus Area

The Balancing Focus Area will explore how the rules that incentivise balancing supply and demand may need to evolve as the gas landscape continues to change.

Engage with us

Your involvement will shape the GMaP.

Steering Group

The Steering Group has been set up to provide cross-industry leadership to develop a Gas Markets Plan focused on the priorities and changes to the gas market over a 10-year horizon.

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The Forum acts as a hub, bringing together decision makers and stakeholders to discuss and set the direction for changes required over the next 2-10-year time horizon for the gas markets.

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