Metering Cropped houses

National Grid Metering

Delivering a high quality, value for money service to our customers.

National Grid Metering maintains and manages nine million gas assets across the UK, ensuring they remain safe, reliable and efficient for customers.

We operate in the regulated gas metering market and support two distinct portfolios – residential and industrial and commercial. We provide metering and meter reading services and are the largest asset manager of industrial, commercial and residential gas meters and deliver high quality, value for money service to our customers.

We manage the rental contracts and relationship with customers and gas suppliers and also undertake asset procurement, logistics management, meter installation and maintenance, exchange and removal of assets and ad hoc services including engineer hire in order to maintain our metering portfolio.

National Grid Metering are continuously evolving to improve the service, deliver high levels of safety, reliability, security and service for our customers; whilst staying at the forefront of innovative technological solutions.