Our proposals in Babergh, Tendring and Colchester

We are proposing to use underground cables in this section as we cross the designated Dedham Vale AONB.

The proposed draft overhead line alignment would cross immediately into Babergh from Bramford substation.

Running south-easterly, the route would pass to the west of Washbrook and Copdock and Little Wenham on the north side of Notley Enterprise Park.

The overhead line would transition underground at a CSE compound and run to the east of Raydon and west of Holton St Mary. It would cross the border into the Colchester district briefly, running past the east of Langham and crossing the A12.

The underground cable alignment would then cross eastwards into the Tendring Peninsula, passing the north of Ardleigh and crossing the railway to the site of the East Anglia Connection Node (EACN) substation.

From the EACN, the overhead line alignment would head west towards Great Horkesley, transitioning again to underground cable at a CSE compound. The underground cable alignment is expected to require a split corridor arrangement to the south of Knowles' Farm before reaching another CSE compound to the west of Crabtree Lane, where the underground cable would transition to overhead line.

From here, the overhead line alignment would continue south-west, passing to the west of West Bergholt before crossing the A12, running north of Marks Tey into Braintree.

Changes outside the 2022 preferred draft corridor West of Great Wenham

Instead of passing directly south between Great Wenham and Capel St Mary, the alignment would separate from the 2022 preferred corridor north of Little Wenham, running to the west of Great Wenham.

Changes within the 2022 preferred draft corridor

There are four further changes where the preferred draft alignment would be routed within the preferred draft corridor presented in 2022 but in an area thought less likely as shown by the graduated swathe. These are located at Aldham, south of Bramford, south of the AONB and at Great Horksley.

Static map showing our proposals in Babergh, Tendring and Colchester
Static map showing our proposals in Babergh, Tendring and Colchester. View larger image.