Document library

On this page you can find all of the materials we have produced for our consultations and planning submissions, along with an archive of information from previous and historic consultations. 

Application for development consent (April 2023)

To view our full application for development consent, along with documents associated with the Examination of this application, visit the Planning Inspectorate's website here.

Grid supply point planning application (April 2022)

In April 2022, we submitted a planning application to Braintree District Council under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 for a new 400 / 132 kV grid supply point (GSP) substation. The proposed GSP substation would be located on land between butler's Wood and Waldegrave Wood, west of the A131. This application was approved by Braintree District Council's planning committee in October 2022. 

You can view the material associated with our original application below. For further information, including amended plans and the Council's Decision Notice, visit Braintree District Council's planning portal.

1 Consenting plan
2 Site location plan
3 Proposed consenting approach
4 Planning Statement
5 Design and Access Statement
6 Statement of Community Involvement
7 Environmental Appraisal
7.1 Environmental Appraisal - Appendix 1 CEMP
7.2 Environmental Appraisal - Appendix 2 Landscape and Visual Appraisal
7.3 Environmental Appraisal - Appendix 3 Biodiversity Baseline (Redacted)
7.4 Environmental Appraisal - Appendix 4 Biodiversity Net Gain Report
7.5 Environmental Appraisal - Appendix 5 Arboricultural Assessment
7.6 Environmental Appraisal - Appendix 6 Historic Environment Baseline
7.7 Environmental Appraisal - Appendix 7 Flood Risk Assessment
7.8 Environmental Appraisal - Appendix 8 Phase 1 Contaminated Land Assessment
7.9 Environmental Appraisal - Appendix 9 Agricultural Land Classification
7.10 Environmental Appraisal - Appendix 10 Noise Assessment
8. Block Plan
9 Proposed Site Layout Plan
10 Existing Site Layout Plan
11 Proposed GSP Substation Floor Plan
12 Proposed CSE Compound Plan
13 Proposed CSE Compound Elevations
14 Finished Floor Levels Plan
15 Finished Floor Levels Sections
16 Buildings Elevations Floor Plans & Roof Plans - Sheet 1
17 Buildings Elevations Floor Plans & Roof Plans - Sheet 2
18 Topographical Survey Plan
19 Proposed Sectional Drawings
20 Proposed Access & Parking Arrangements
21 Typical Fence Details
22 Transport Statement


Section 37 application (June 2022)

In June 2022, we submitted an application for consent under section 37 of the Electricity Act 1989 and deemed planning permission under section 90(2) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 for overhead line works off the A131/works to line 4YL and PCB. You can view the material associated with this application below.

1.1 Statutory Notice
1.2 Project Description and Appraisal
1.3 Appendix 1: Construction and Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)
1.4 Appendix 2: Landscape and Visual Appraisal
1.5 Appendix 3: Biodiversity Baseline
1.6 Appendix 4: Historic Environment Baseline
1.7 Appendix 5: Flood Risk Assessment
1.8 Appendix 6: Consultation
1.9 Figures