National Grid is planning to replace three existing underground cable routes between Pitsmoor, Wincobank and Templeborough substations.

The cable routes use 275kV oil filled cables which are approaching the end of their lifecycle. When the cables are replaced, the current three underground cable routes will be replaced by two underground cable routes.

Over the next two years, we will be completing this essential work to ensure that National Grid continues to provide a secure and reliable electricity supply to homes and businesses in Sheffield and the surrounding area.

Project description

The three cable routes that will be disconnected and decommissioned are:

  1. Pitsmoor substation to Wincobank substation
  2. Wincobank substation to Templeborough substation
  3. Pitsmoor substation to Templeborough substation

To replace the three cable routes above, two new cable routes will be installed:

  1. Templeborough substation to Wincobank substation
  2. Wincobank substation to Pitsmoor substation

The map below shows the new planned cable routes in red’ with ‘The map below shows the new planned cable routes in cyan.

Sheffield Cables Route



Frequently asked questions

Answers to questions we're often asked about the Sheffield cable replacement project.

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Phone:0808 175 0206

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Compulsory Purchase Order

To ensure that the Sheffield cable replacement project is completed within the required timescales, National Grid needs to acquire all of the necessary land and rights to do our work.

On 24 November 2023, National Grid Electricity Transmission plc (“National Grid”) made The National Grid Electricity Transmission plc (Pitsmoor-Wincobank-Templeborough 275kV Cable Replacement Scheme) Compulsory Purchase Order 2023 ("The CPO”). The CPO will enable National Grid to compulsorily acquire the land and rights necessary to construct and operate infrastructure between National Grid’s existing substations at Pitsmoor, Wincobank and Templeborough as well as decommissioning existing cables.

National Grid is continuing to engage with all known affected landowners and, where applicable, the occupiers, to discuss the rights required and proposals to deliver the project. Our preference will always be to secure land and rights in land based on voluntary agreements with affected landowners/occupiers.

We will continue to negotiate in a collaborative and positive manner to conclude all voluntary agreements where possible. Where National Grid has a completed agreement in place ahead of the works, it does not expect to need to rely on the CPO.

A copy of the notice confirming the making of the CPO has been served on all those with an interest in the land who were included in the CPO. It's also been published in local newspapers and erected at intervals across the land included in the CPO.

A copy of the made CPO, the maps that show the land included in the CPO, the Statement of Reasons and Press Notice are available below. Any objections to the making of the CPO must be made before 5 January 2024 in accordance with the details set out in the Press Notice. 

If you’d like more information about the CPO, please contact National Grid’s appointed land agent, Bell Ingram, using the contact details below:

Phone: 0808 175 0206

Post: Freepost National Grid SHF Cables

Email: [email protected] 

Further detail on the compulsory purchase process can be found in the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Guidance on Compulsory Purchase Process and The Crichel Down Rules (July 2019), which is available to view and download for free online at GOV.UK.

CPO Order – Part 1

CPO Order – Part 2

Statement of Reasons

CPO Key Plan

CPO Plan

Press Notice

Public Notice of Intention to Issue a Certificate Paragraph 6(1)(a) of Schedule 3 to the Acquisition of Land Act 1981

Enclosure 2 - Map of Open Space Land (205285163.1)

Pre-inquiry Meeting Agenda

Pre-inquiry Meeting Note

Notice of the Open Space Certificate

Public Open Space Certificate