Project overview

This reconfiguration project is a proposal by National Grid Electricity Transmission to upgrade and reinforce the high-voltage power network in line with the Government’s drive for clean renewable energy and the 2050 zero carbon target for the UK, enabling the connection of low-carbon energy to homes and businesses in the Midlands and further afield.

The project

We propose an uprating of the existing 275kV overhead lines to facilitate a transmission load of 400kV and the development of three new substations to help carry more green power from the North of England to the Midlands. Doing so means we can get the most out of the existing network before needingnew lines and, therefore, at a better cost for the consumer, while providing a larger, more resilient supply of electricity.

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Next steps

We are at a very early stage in the development of the project, and are currently contacting landowners and other key stakeholders in the Spring 2023 to discuss the requirement for surveys and land access to support the development of our proposal. Public consultations will be arranged in areas of proposed construction, and we will publicise the venues and dates in due course. These are likely to start later this year. More information about our plans will be available as our work progresses and we will be keeping local communities informed. Please check back here for further updates or contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling 0800 279 3408.