The way we generate electricity in the UK is changing rapidly, and we are transitioning to cleaner technologies like new offshore windfarms. That means we need to make changes to the grid so the whole country has access to the clean electricity from these new renewable sources.

The UK is committed to being a global leader in clean energy. The Government has set a legally-binding commitment to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and an ambition to connect 50 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind by 2030 – enough energy to power every home in the country.

To achieve this, offshore wind is being developed at unprecedented scale off the East Coast of England and in Scotland and around 60% of the current offshore wind projects will come ashore along the East Coast of the country.

In a rapidly changing world, having more locally produced renewable energy connected to the grid will enhance Britain’s energy security, help reduce energy costs for consumers, combat climate change and create new jobs in the energy sector.

Couple this with greater interconnection with countries across the North Sea – the trading of electricity by countries via undersea electrical connections – we expect to see a significant increase in the level of renewables and low carbon energy connecting on the East Coast.

While our existing high-voltage electricity network has been sufficient until today, it doesn’t have the capability needed to reliably and securely transport all the energy that will be connected by 2030. In addition, the high voltage network does not currently extend into large parts of Lincolnshire.

The need for network reinforcement

The Grimsby to Walpole upgrade is a proposal to build a new high voltage overhead line in Lincolnshire, including building new pylons and new substations. It is needed to increase network capability to connect new offshore windfarms and interconnectors, to carry new clean green energy to homes and businesses where it is needed.

The Great Grid Upgrade

The Great Grid Upgrade is the largest overhaul of the electricity grid in generations. Our infrastructure projects across England and Wales are helping to connect more renewable energy to your homes and businesses.

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