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National Grid is an energy company operating in the UK and US. We deliver electricity and gas safely, reliably and efficiently to the customers and communities we serve – all while working towards a clean energy future.

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Don't miss our exciting new podcast series, in which Helen Skelton discovers how we can all challenge climate change as individuals through the energy we use to power our everyday lives.

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London to Glasgow cycle challenge: Highlighting net zero work across the UK

National Grid’s David Welling will be cycling from London to the COP26 global summit in Glasgow; a route that will take 7 days, cover more than 1,000km and visit 10 sites of projects working towards net zero – while also raising money for charity.

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National Grid's Inclusion Week goes international

For the past five years, we’ve celebrated Inclusion Week in the UK. This year the celebrations grew bigger and better, with colleagues based in both the UK and the NorthEastern US taking part in a week-long programme of activities.

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First T-Pylon at National Grid's Hinkley Connection project in Somerset

Construction of world’s first T-pylon completed

Last week saw an exciting moment with our construction of the world’s first T-pylon in Somerset; part of our Hinkley Connection project, connecting six million homes and businesses to low-carbon energy.

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Why electricity interconnection between Europe and the UK matters

To achieve a cleaner energy future, the EU and the UK need to work closely together on the energy transition. We share similar strategic climate targets and our markets have been built together for decades as part of the Internal Energy Market.

Hydrogen molecule atom abstract structure for National Grid FutureGrid story

Hydrogen: the future fuel to achieve net zero?

Hydrogen has the potential to be a low-carbon alternative to gas in our homes and businesses, but first we need to test this fuel for the future. That’s where FutureGrid comes in.

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Why invest in National Grid?

National Grid is one of the world’s largest publicly listed utilities focused on transmission and distribution of electricity and gas. We play a vital role in connecting millions of people to the energy they use safely, reliably and efficiently.

We aim to be a low-risk business that generates shareholder value through dividends and asset/equity growth.

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Careers at National Grid

We’re looking for people with enthusiasm to help us build and run a cleaner energy system for the future. Wherever you are on your career journey there are lots of exciting opportunities to explore, including apprenticeships. Discover more about working at National Grid and search for roles in the UK and the US

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Responding to COVID-19

Find how our business and our people responded to coronavirus and how we’re planning to play our part in revitalising and rebuilding the communities we serve after the pandemic.

Our response to COVID-19

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70 years from now, T-pylon time capsules will reveal what our lives were like

As the world’s first operational T-pylons are constructed along National Grid’s Hinkley Connection route, pupils from 20 local schools are preparing time capsules with 2021-related memorabilia to be hidden inside the structures.

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Two men wearing PPE on construction site for National Grid 'Can we achieve carbon-neutral construction by 2026?' story

Can we achieve carbon-neutral construction by 2026?

Our Net Zero Construction project is helping us to deliver our vision of a clean energy future, with a commitment to being fully net zero across all new construction projects by 2025/26.

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National Grid story about partnership with MyKindaFuture

Inspiring young people to consider energy sector careers

Since its launch in October 2020, our partnership with MyKindaFuture – the UK’s leading underrepresented talent specialist – has helped inspire 18,000 students from diverse backgrounds to consider careers in STEM and shows no signs of slowing down.

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New East Coast Cluster could decarbonise up to half of the UK’s industrial clus…

The East Coast Cluster would capture, transport and store CO2 emissions across the Humber and Teesside regions – which account for nearly 50% of all UK industrial cluster emissions – and deliver an average of 25,000 jobs per year in the area up to 2050.