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In this section, you can find out about National Grid’s purpose, vision, strategy and values. Read about our people, our financial performance, corporate governance and our history.

National Grid lies at the heart of a transforming energy system.

Our business areas play a vital role in connecting millions of people to the energy they use, while continually seeking ways to make the energy system cleaner. National Grid Ventures and National Grid Partners also enable innovations to help revolutionise and decarbonise the future of energy.


Our business areas

Our strategic priorities

We have four strategic priorities for our business that will help us make our purpose possible and achieve our vision of being at the heart of a clean, fair and affordable energy future. We explain each one below.

We’ll enable the energy transition for all

Climate change is the defining challenge of this generation. The decisions we take now will influence the future of our planet. We know we must make significant changes to curb harmful emissions and we’re already a thought leader for the industry on how to make this happen.

We’ve also made good progress on reducing our emissions – by 68% since 1990. This is well ahead of our original target of 45% by 2020. But to get to net zero, there’s much more to do.

We’ll support the decarbonisation of the communities we serve, migrating to cleaner energy solutions across the board. We’ll enable a fully decarbonised electricity grid through grid modernisation and increased flexibility, and connect renewables quickly and efficiently.

We’ll lead the way in the decarbonisation of gas, investing in a range of solutions like renewable natural gas, blending hydrogen in our network and carbon offsetting. And we’ll enable the decarbonisation of transport, building electricity network flexibility and supporting charging infrastructure.

We’ll deliver for our customers efficiently

Delivering safe, reliable and affordable energy for our customers around the clock no matter what the weather, is at the heart of what we do.  It’s our licence to operate.

This is more important than ever. We can only deliver on our vision for clean energy in the long-term if we get the fundamentals right in the short-term.  It means driving operational excellence and financial discipline through every part of our business while working efficiently and maximising productivity day-to-day. It also means building relationships with regulators and policy-makers that strengthen partnerships and unlock added value.

It’s about making smart choices, prioritising the things that really matter and working effectively across the business to avoid unnecessary duplication and unlock economies of scale.

We’ll grow our organisational capability

In a rapidly changing energy sector we need to keep pace, evolving our organisational capability so that we’re set up to deliver our vision.

Over the next decade, we will continue to anticipate and adapt to changes in faster and smarter ways, remaining at the cutting edge of engineering and asset management, innovating more sustainable energy solutions.

We’ll do this better than ever before, unlocking long term value through effective change, strengthening our customer focus and sharpening our commercial edge. And we’ll digitalise our processes and systems, whether that’s using artificial intelligence to visualise underground infrastructure or equipping our people in the field with tablets and smart phones.

We’ll empower our people for great performance

National Grid is at the heart of the energy future and our people are at the heart of National Grid. We may be 22,000 colleagues strong, but when each individual is empowered to succeed, we’re even stronger.

We’ll build diverse and inclusive teams that reflect the communities we serve, attracting the best talent and recognising great achievements. We’ll prioritise learning and personal development, supporting every colleague to perform at their best. We’ll develop the right skills now and in the future to accelerate the energy transition.

And through our people, we’ll help our communities to achieve their own climate and carbon ambitions, creating opportunities for 45,000 young people from lower income backgrounds along the way.



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