Our substation at Harker, near Carlisle in Cumbria has been in service since the 1960s. As the equipment on site gets older, technology advances and demand on the electricity network increases, we will need to replace infrastructure at Harker Substation and increase its capacity.

We are planning to extend the substation to the north of the existing site in order to replace and rebuild the existing equipment.

The project consists of three main elements:

  • Replace and rebuild the existing substation by extending onto an adjacent field
  • Reconfigure the short sections of the overhead lines into the extended substation
  • Add new conductors (the wires between the pylons) onto 8km of existing pylons between the Harker substation and the Scottish Border.

Our plans allow us to provide the improvements required to maintain the existing electricity transmission system. They will also ensure the substation is prepared for future demand so it can continue to serve as a critical point of intersection on the UK energy network, connecting supplies between Scotland to England. This work is part of National Grid’s contribution to the Government’s target to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. To meet these targets, more generation from renewable energy sources such as wind needs to be connected to the electricity network. Our proposed work will provide additional network capacity to accommodate this generation.

You can view our project plans here and share your feedback on our proposals by visiting hereWe will consider your comments before submitting a planning application to Carlisle City Council later this year.

You can find out more information by viewing our plans or email [email protected].

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