Climate Leaders

For COP26, we're celebrating people across National Grid who are taking positive steps – either at work or in their community – to protect the environment and fight climate change. Through their actions, they inspire others to join them in making positive environmental choices in their everyday lives.

These are our climate leaders.

The re-user and recycler

Megan leads efforts within our US business to re-use, recycle, resell, and responsibly dispose of a variety of surplus materials.

The green skills champion

Steph empowers future generations in the fight against climate change by helping young people discover green skills and apply for green jobs.

The renewables trailblazer

Don is an authority on renewable energy, who has devoted his career to finding solutions to solve climate change.

The beekeeping engineer

George is a substation engineer determined to do the best he can for his colleagues and family to ensure we contribute to a reduction in global warming.

The office angel

Chris demonstrates our vision to be at the heart of a green future by leading an ambitious carbon reduction target in our offices.

The hydrogen innovator

Suki leads our Hydrogen Gas Market Plan project, which is exploring the market change activities needed to integrate hydrogen into the UK’s energy mix.

The mature student

Nicolle is studying Environmental Science at the Open University to boost her skills and make an impact in the fight against climate change.

The clean transportation guru

Julia leads efforts to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and prepare the grid for our evolving transportation system.

The environmental strategist

Matthew ensures National Grid is a truly sustainable business that balances the needs of society, the environment, and economics.

The leader from the front

Paula is at the forefront of National Grid’s journey to net zero and on a personal mission to live as green a life as possible.

The EV enthusiast

Richard made the switch to driving an electric vehicle and now passionately explains their environmental benefits to others.

The net zero educator

Chanda rewrote an engineering training module to shift its focus from fossil fuels to greener power generation.

The jingle writer

Sheeba wrote a COP26 jingle to raise awareness of climate change and inspire colleagues to take personal and collective action.

The energy app pioneer

James uses data and insights to build a long-term view of how our power system works and helped develop the UK carbon intensity app.

The future heating expert

Pradheep is at the forefront of our renewables efforts as the head of our Future of Heat group in Gas Engineering.

The awareness raiser

Sakshi uses her personal passion for climate change and sustainability to encourage others to learn about the topics and lessen their environmental impact.

The pathway finder

Mackay is widely recognised as one of our pre-eminent internal experts and leaders on climate change and net zero.

The customer strategist

Brittney connects low to moderate income families in New York to services that promote a clean, affordable, and just energy future.

The re-wilder

Martin swapped his comfortable home for a Welsh sheep farm, which he plans to re-wild and re-forest to promote greater biodiversity.

The carbon neutral farmer

Brianna explores ways to run her small farm in a carbon negative way, alongside other personal actions to make an impact.

The green energy enabler

Marie uses her expertise from two decades working in renewable and sustainable energy to help lower the world’s carbon footprint.

The social influencer

Natalie spreads awareness of sustainability and clean energy topics and innovations through our National Grid social media and her personal blog.

The athlete and academic

Biljana is working to build an offshore transmission network capable of harnessing the UK’s new offshore wind power, interconnectors and other technologies.

The sustainability historian

Steve drives sustainability efforts in support of National Grid’s work towards achieving net zero.

The community planner

Kathleen researched and presented a climate change road map for the town of Walpole, Massachusetts, which has since been designated as a Green Community.

The environmental planner

Helene builds climate change factors into our UK strategy to conserve and sustainably manage our non-operational land.