Consultancy and bespoke services

From the moment that you start researching your connection options, we offer engineering consultancy and bespoke services to support you in the licensed process of connecting to our network.

These services have been created to suit businesses who require both one-off consultancy advice such as sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) advice and noise consultation, to longer-term, ongoing support for your operation such as 24 hour operational support and high-voltage services.

Take a look at the additional consultancy available to you at each point through the connections journey.

Connection journey services

Stage 1: Research

When you start researching your connection options, we can offer you a feasibility study to help your company understand the interaction between your connection assets and our network. We also offer a range of consultancy services to help you make the right early decisions for your connection project:


Stage 2: Apply

Once you've decided to apply to connect to the network and we know the type of network connection you need, we can help you with developing your own connection assets in the key initial phases of your project from the initial planning application, consenting, early design options and the overall project management:

Stage 3: Design

We will take care of the design for the final network connection, but we can also offer design services for your connection assets to ensure their compliance and appropriate interaction with the network:

Stage 4: Build

For construction, we will mobilise our expert team to build the right equipment and facilities for you to connect to.  Whilst on site, our team can also take the worry away and build your connected assets, and so provide economies of scale, safety benefits, reduced interfaces to de-risk your project and protect your programme:

Stage 5: Connect

Once our connection and your connected assets are built, it's time to go live! We have the right subject matter experts and authorised people to manage the commissioning process to ensure its ultimate compliance and acceptance by National Grid:

Stage 7: Decommission