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Build, Refurbish, Replace, Decommission 

On this page, you can find out how we can help you build, refurbish, replace or decommission your business assets.  

National Grid Electricity Transmission has extensive experience in asset management solutions for customers in the high voltage electricity industry. 

Whether you're looking to build, refurbish, replace, or decommission your assets, our expert engineers can provide you with the best solution. 

Below is an overview of the solutions we offer. For more detailed information on your specific business needs please make an enquiry



Air Blast Circuit Breaker and Bay Refurbishment

National Grid Electricity Transmission has considerable expertise in refurbishing high voltage assets within our dedicated refurbishment facilities. 

Air blast circuit breaker refurbishment is generally more cost effective than replacing the asset.  

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Refurbishment, Replacement and New Build

Our expert engineers will work with you on your asset replacement or refurbishment schemes, and on new builds.  

We can supply and install a variety of assets and you can rely on our extensive engineering knowledge to meet your needs.    

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Decommission and Recycle

When your high voltage (HV) assets become no longer economically viable, National Grid Electricity Transmission is able to safely decommission and remove them for you. 

We’re also exploring environmentally friendly options for recycling these assets.  

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At our Spares & Cable facility, we store, manage and distribute emergency strategic stock using UK wide fast delivery. We’ll handle the risk and the costs associated with storing, protecting, and maintaining stock, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

We also provide e range of consultancy solutions including asset health, harmonics, EMFs, natural hazards and noise impact. 

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