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Asset maintenance

On this page, you’ll find out about the different ways we can support the maintenance of your assets for your business. Our experience and expertise means that we understand how important this aspect of your business is and how to support you.  

Maintenance of your assets

National Grid Electricity Transmission has been maintaining their transmission assets for three decades. Over this time, we’ve built up an extensive portfolio of best practices and engineering knowledge.   

We can advise your business and provide support on an extensive range of activities regarding your assets.  

Below is an overview of the solutions we offer for asset maintenance. For more detailed information on your specific business needs please make an enquiry


Oil Management

Our Oil Management Unit (OMU) operates from three strategic locations - Dartford, Leicester and Doncaster. 

We can provide you with a full range of oil management services from sampling, testing, analysis and advice, to replacement, reconditioning and reclamation.  

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SF6 Surveys and Top-up

We have many years of experience working with and handling SF6 gas (Sulphur Hexafluoride) where it’s used as an electrical insulator in high voltage substation equipment. Our equipment allows us to pin-point SF6 leaks using thermal imaging technology.   

Our specialist trained staff will attend your site with the required equipment and empty or top up your assets with SF6. This can be done pre- and post-maintenance.  Alternatively, we can top up your leaking assets to continue their reliability, until repairs can be carried out.  

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Overhead Line Condition Monitoring (surveys by helicopter)

Our overhead lines team are able to offer you a number of services to check for faults and damage resulting from high winds and adverse weather conditions.  

These include routine inspections via foot patrols, thermal imaging and condition assessments via helicopter, and checking for faults and damage resulting from high winds and adverse weather conditions.   

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High Voltage Services

As the owner of the high voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales, National Grid Electricity Transmission offers a unique combination of experience and technical expertise. 

This ensures that you’ll receive a safe, reliable and high quality engineering service. 

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