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The Power of All

Coming together to make a global commitment to a cleaner planet.

Coming together to make a global commitment to a cleaner planet

National Grid is at the heart of the clean energy transition, delivering the energy that powers the lives of millions of people in the U.S. and U.K. Climate change is a global problem that requires a global solution.

As a Principal Partner of the UN Climate Change Conference in November 2021, it is our goal to bring people across the Northeast U.S. together to find common sense solutions to the challenges that face our society. If we are to secure a future free of the threat of climate change, we must all begin working together now.

The Power of All - US

What is the Power of All? 

History teaches us that when people come together and work towards a shared goal, what was once thought impossible can suddenly become reality. From landing on the moon to the creation of vaccines to tackle disease, the power of working together and the benefits it brings is something we can all believe in. While there is undoubtedly still lots to do, tackling climate change is possible. Here in the Northeast, we have already made great progress reducing greenhouse gas emissions more than any other region in the United States.

National Grid is driving this change through initiatives across the region and throughout the U.S., including:

  • installing the first offshore wind farm near Rhode Island, generating 30 MW of power

  • National Grid USA has connected more than 2,500MW of distributed generation in the last 5 years

  • National Grid Renewables-operated wind and solar projects are offsetting an estimated 1.3 million metric tons of CO2 annually.

2030 milestones on the road to net zero

The United States is back at the table in the fight on climate change and we do not have a day to waste. The next decade is critical. Here, Badar Khan, President of National Grid US, shares his thoughts on the action required in the next decade to combat climate change.

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The Voice of All

Every voice matters in the fight against climate change. The Voice of All is your opportunity to have your voice heard by the decision makers at COP26 by submitting a message from you to them.

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Our commitments

Our plan - net zero by 2050

Climate change is the greatest challenge facing the world, our country, and our region. Learn about our plan to become net zero by 2050

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Responsible Business Charter

We’re committed to being a responsible business in everything we do. Download our charter to discover more.

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Video: what responsibility means to us

We're making bold commitments to change the way we work to help curb harmful emissions and protect our planet.