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​Electricity Ten Year Statement (ETYS)

We publish the ETYS annually in our role as the electricity system operator. It's part of the annual electricity transmission planning cycle, and shows the likely future transmission requirements of bulk power transfer capability of the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS). This is based on the Future Energy Scenarios (FES), which help us capture a wide range of future network requirements.

About the 2017 ETYS

The ETYS is all about understanding what the requirements will be for the National Electricity Transmission System to transfer bulk power over the next decade – where capacity shortfalls might occur – so that as System Operator we can plan ahead to manage the network effectively and securely. The ETYS includes contributions from the GB transmission owners.

This year’s ETYS highlights the capability improvement that we will see once the Western HVDC circuit is commissioned. This will help manage high north- south flows from Scotland and northern England to the Midlands and the south of England. The ETYS also highlights future network requirements across various regions in Great Britain.

Transmission developments and how they are assessed will now be published as part of the Network Options Assessment (NOA) report.

Past ETYS documents