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New Essential Infrastructure

Mid Wales Connection


The Mid Wales Connection is all about connecting proposed wind farms in Powys to the national electricity network in Shropshire.

In September 2015 DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) announced the outcome of the inquiry into five proposed wind farms in Mid Wales – four of them would have used our proposed connection. DECC refused planning consent for all four and we understand that some of these are appealing the decision.

There are also other wind farms looking to connect in Mid Wales. We are working with SP Manweb to take a look at all of the proposed wind generation in Mid Wales and the work that is needed to deliver the energy from the wind farms to homes and businesses.

While decisions and discussions are ongoing, we’ve suspended our work on the project. We realise people will want to know as soon as possible exactly what this means for the Mid Wales Connection project and we’ll update local people as quickly as we can once we know the implications on our proposals.

If it is established that National Grid’s connection is not needed, we would not progress with our plans.