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National Grid System Operator’s Open Innovation Day

Applications are now open

What is Open Innovation Day?

The SO is investing in innovation to adapt to the rapidly changing energy system. We work with partners in industry and academia to develop and deliver projects that address our innovation priorities across the GB gas and electricity systems.

We recognise that there are good, innovative ideas outside of National Grid. That’s why we’re inviting you to apply to participate in Open Innovation Day, where a total of up to £1m of NIA funding will be made available for the top projects.

Open Innovation Day is an opportunity for you and your team to work with us to co-create and deliver innovation projects, and an opportunity for National Grid to crowd-source innovative ideas.

What process does Open Innovation Day follow? 

Open Innovation Day follows a five-step process:

What priorities are going to be addressed at Open Innovation Day?

The SO’s Open Innovation Day is focusing on five priorities:

  • Developing Distribution System Operators (DSOs) & whole system operability
  • Enabling more non-synchronous connections
  • Enhancing visibility of Distributed Energy Resources
  • Unlocking Flexibility
  • Embracing gas specification diversity

More information on these priorities is found on the SO Innovation page and in supporting documents outlined below.

What are the key dates and documents?

Deadlines and key dates are shown below.

The key documents that are available to review include:

How do I apply?

Follow this link to apply.

Note that space for each answer is intentionally restricted to between 400 and 1000 characters. This reflects the SO’s innovation process, where lots of ideas are screened at a high level so that we can rapidly select promising ideas and ‘fail fast’ those ideas that do not align with internal priorities. This saves everybody time and effort.