Case study library

Innovation is important to the RIIO framework and is a vital part of bringing benefits to our customers and gas transmission business. By transitioning innovations into business as usual we realise the full potential of successful projects.

We can see these benefits within a single investment or, as is the case with many of these innovations, year on year as the value continues to grow.

As we continue tracking the value of innovation to network customers, we will update our library of case studies.

Five key areas

Our portfolio of NIA projects is split into five key themes:


Sustain world-class levels of safety and seek innovative solutions to reduce the risk on our networks.


Embed sustainability into our network to reduce our environmental impact and make the most of the resources we use.


Deliver value for our stakeholders and seek opportunities to deliver a safe and efficient service across our operations now and into the future.

Reliability and operability

Drive improvements in asset health across our network to ensure the network can operate reliably and flexibly to deliver the best possible services.

Customer and commercial

Understand the needs and priorities of our customers to provide exceptional service.