Electricity system operator incentives

We undertake the role of system operator (SO) for the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS) in Great Britain. Electricity SO incentives are designed to deliver financial benefits to the industry and consumers by reducing the cost and minimising the risks of balancing the system. Here, you will find out more about current and past incentives.

We are currently working with Ofgem on the next set of electricity incentives (2018+). Consultations and information will appear on the Ofgem website.

The current set of electricity incentives (2017-2018) consists of:

  • Balancing Services Incentive Scheme (BSIS);

  • wind generation forecasting;

  • demand forecasting; and

  • transmission losses.


We will be publishing details of our performance here soon.  

For details of our performance under the SO incentives, please refer to our Balancing Services pages.

We also produce the Monthly Balancing Services Summary which provides information on the procurement of Balancing Services.

Past incentive schemes

For details of and reporting on past incentives schemes, please go to the Past electricity incentive schemes page.

Gas system operator incentives

We are subject to a number of performance incentives to maintain and improve our daily operational efficiency and are subject to renegotiation at set intervals.

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Market, operations, and data

Data and support for users of the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS) including the latest operational data, forum, and more.

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